We’re here to support you and the CU in every way we can!


President – Evie Shepherd21123071_1123674041096077_847833610_o.jpg

Hey I’m Evie, studying Graphic Design & I’m Pres at Nottingham Trent city campus. I’m excited for God to carry on blessing the students at Trent especially through Thirst & CU events. I pray that through the fellowship we have with one another that his love can be resonated more & more on campus. Finally, I’m thankful for Gods faithfulness to us & I pray for open hearts as we continue to spread the truth of the Gospel.


Vice President – Robbie Mills


Hey I’m Robbie, I’m studying Economics and am the vice president for the city CU. I hope that we can continue to grow the CU in both size and Gods love, maintaining the friendly and happy atmosphere we radiate.

Secretary – Laura Hutchins

IMG_7388 (1).jpg

Hiya, I’m Laura and I’m studying Textile Design, specialising in weave. I’m going to do all I can do stay organised as CU’s secretary so that we can hear God’s amazing word from some fab speakers! So excited for the new term, and for our CU to grow as more students join our family. I really hope God will continue to encourage all of us to be proud of trusting Him and telling our flatmates and friends all about it too!


Prayer Secretary – Sola Olowo-Ake


Hi, I’m Sola. I study Fashion Design and I’m the Prayer Secretary for the City Christian Union. This year I hope to see God use the CU as His light, I also hope to see CU members love and value prayer even more and see it’s usefulness in their lives. I hope that as a CU we see that God cares about everything we say to Him about ourselves, our friends, course mates and the world.


 Evangelism Secretary – Sayo Olowo-Ake


Hey, my name is Sayo. I’m studying Interior Architecture and Design and am the evangelism secretary for Christian Union on City Campus. This year, my hope for CU is that we continue to grow in God’s love and extend that love to others on campus in any and every way that we can. Also, that we will be a strong community, supporting each other in our faith. My sister and I also love to sing, looking forward to some open mic nights!


Treasurer – Jack Sutherley


Hi, I’m jack and I am the treasurer for the City Christian Union this year. I study Criminology and have a twin that also studies at Trent University. I hope the CU grows and we all grow in faith together. I have faith that god is watching over me at university